List of affiliated ryokan (Japanese style inn)

  • An inn famous for flourishing in the Tokugawa period as a bathing palace of Date Masamune, lord of the Sendai domain.

    1000 Years of Tradition Sakan
    No.of guest rooms/173
    A1000 Years of TraditionSakan
    Public bath Open-air bath Sauna Private bath
  • With cuisine full of seasonal, local ingredients and three atmospheric healing bath complexes, this hotel has welcomed guests wholeheartedly ever since its establishment.

    Hotel New Mitoya
    No.of guest rooms/1166
    BHotel New Mitoya
    Public bath Open-air bath Sauna Private bath
  • Surrounded by wilderness, the only hilltop ryokan in Akiu Onsen. The private hot spring source used is well-known for the quality of its water.

    Kagaribi no Yu  Ryokusuitei
    No.of guest rooms/1100
    CKagaribi no YuRyokusuitei
    Public bath Open-air bath Sauna
  • A rustic inn with a warm and comforting atmosphere. Relax by soaking in the abundant water and enjoying meals served in your room.

    Satoya Ryokan
    No.of guest rooms/116
    DSatoya Ryokan
    Public bath Open-air bath Private bath
  • The finest views in Akiu Onsen and thoughtful hospitality. Decorated with Japanese furnishings based on the concept of feeling at home, you can relax and enjoy your stay.

    Akiu Grand Hotel
    No.of guest rooms/1140
    EAkiu Grand Hotel
    Public bath Open-air bath Sauna
  • Surrounded by wilderness ryokan and thoughtful hospitality. Enjoy Japanese meals.

    Kankane Onsen
    No.of guest rooms/114
    FKankane Onsen
    Public bath
  • Experience luxurious, quality time… that is the hospitality of Hotel Crescent. Welcome to Akiu forest.

    Akiu Resort Hotel Crescent
    No.of guest rooms/186
    GAkiu ResortHotel Crescent
    Public bath
  • Offers the ultimate soothing experience with creative cuisine managed by a Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award-winning chef as well as more than 30 different services to encourage relaxation.

    Oshu Akiu Onsen Rantei
    No.of guest rooms/168
    HOshu Akiu OnsenRantei
    Public bath Open-air bath
  • IKai Akiu

    To be opened next spring.

  • Hotel Zuiho overlooks Rairaikyo Gorge, a popular scenic spot in Sendai City which is more affectionately known as the “City of Trees”. Immerse in the lush natural surrounds and ease your mind whilst enjoying our wide range of amenities and exclusive spa.

    Akiu Onsen Hotel Zuiho
    No.of guest rooms/117
    JSendai Akiu OnsenHotel Zuiho
    Public bath Open-air bath Sauna
  • A little known inn tucked away in the Akiu hot spring area. Single rooms at great rates (exlcuding meals)

    No.of guest rooms/103
    Public bath
  • Enchanting stay only for adults
    As the curtain opens softly, your pleasant night begins.

    Akiu Fuuga
    No.of guest rooms/20
    LAkiu Fuuga
    Public bath Open-air bath Sauna Private bath
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